South-East Asia

Seagrass meadows—critical habitats for juvenile fish and dugongs in the Johor islands

Scientists at University of Malaya, Malaysia, have found that the seagrass meadows in Johor harbor three times more juvenile fish than coral reefs.

11 July 2017

Bolsas que se beben

Un emprendedor indonesio ha creado unas bolsas de almidón de yuca que se convierten en comida para los peces si acaban accidentalmente en el mar

19 June 2017

Philippinische Fischer sagen: Nicht mit uns!

Fischer auf den Philippinen bekämpfen illegalen Fischfang und schützen die Umwelt mit Patrouillen und Stolz auf ihre Gewässer.

06 June 2017

Tourists of the feathered kind celebrated this week

The Haribon Foundation welcomed World Migratory Bird Day on Wednesday (May 10) with birdwatching activities, coastal clean-ups, and information sessions about migratory birds that visit the Philipp

11 May 2017

Bauer Chay Dan hütet jetzt Seekühe vor Koh Libong

Das Wasser ist ruhig, leichte Wolken ziehen vorüber, immer mal wieder blitzt ein Sonnenstrahl hervor.

30 April 2017

Enormous Fish Make One of the World’s Largest Migrations

Billions of fish make an annual trek through the rivers of Southeast Asia, supporting millions of people. Yet scientists still don’t know much about them.

29 March 2017

Can the Amazon of Southeast Asia Be Saved?

The Mekong River Basin supports millions of people and some of the world’s richest biodiversity, but it must overcome many threats.

22 March 2017

Bank the turtle dies after swallowing 900 coins thrown in her pond

Sea turtle that lived in public pond in Thailand dies of blood poisoning despite surgery to remove 5kg of loose change from her stomach.

21 March 2017

Saving Sea Cows Helps Ensure Human Food Security

Abu Dhabi, 16 March 2017 – Twenty-three countries agreed to enhance efforts to help local communities to better protect dugongs, also known as sea cows, and their seagrass habitats. The endangered species, which is primarily threatened by entanglement in fishing gear, collision with boats and habitat loss, occurs across the East coast of Africa, South-East Asia, Pacific Islands and Australia. Government officials, and the world’s leading dugong and seagrass experts, met this week in Abu Dhabi to discuss solutions to stop the rapid decline of dugongs and the seagrass meadows where they live.

16 March 2017

Schildkröte als Sparschwein: Ärzte entfernten fast 1.000 Münzen aus Magen

Weibchen wird nunmehr "Sparschwein" gerufen und soll nach Genesung ausgewildert werden -

06 March 2017