South & Central America & The Caribbean

Green sea turtle digging its own watery grave due to invasion of non-native seagrass

A seagrass species from the Red Sea is outcompeting the native seagrass species in the Caribbean, where the green sea turtle lives.

18 July 2018

Fossil of 'first giant' dinosaur discovered in Argentina

They are the biggest animals to have walked the Earth, with some weighing as much as a space shuttle.

However, it is unclear how dinosaurs grew to such massive proportions.

12 July 2018

Red Knots plummet by 25% in a year in Tierra del Fuego

For a while, it looked like they might actually be in recovery. But this year’s census of the American subspecies, the rufa Red Knot, found that numbers have plummeted to an all-time low.

09 July 2018

L'huile de palme est une catastrophe écologique (mais l'interdire serait pire encore)

Un rapport international souligne les énormes dégâts générés par les plantations de palmiers à huile, tout en reconnaissant que les remplacer par d'autres plantations d'oléagineux serait bien pire.

27 June 2018

Dans la forêt amazonienne, des micros pour recenser les animaux

La réserve de Mamiraua au Brésil a été équipée de micros qui permettront d'enregistrer les cris des espèces et de mieux connaître la biodiversité représentée.

18 June 2018

Thousands of turtles netted off South America

Tens of thousands of sea turtles are caught each year by small-scale fishers off South America's Pacific coast, new research shows.

05 June 2018

Several C'bean countries seek to restrict production, use of plastioc bags

The United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) says several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are using taxes, bans and technological innovation to restrict the production and

04 June 2018

Marine litter expert supports efforts to eliminate plastic pollution from the Galapagos Islands

Scientists from the University of Plymouth have joined an international research expedition to the Galapagos Islands in an attempt to reduce the impact of marine litter on the region's wildlife.

01 June 2018

Can the world's most ambitious rewilding project restore Patagonia's beauty?

Purchasing huge tracts of land in Chile and Argentina, former clothing tycoons Doug and Kristine Tompkins have led a quarter century-long effort to reintroduce threatened and locally extinct specie

30 May 2018