High number of fatal Australian shark attacks prompts concern hunting grounds are shifting

La Niña’s possible influence on feeding considered as Western Australian surfe

13 Octubre 2020

Tracking turtles from space

Researchers at James Cook University will be tracking turtles from space to be

30 September 2020

Claim great whites finned alive in NZ waters

Over the last year, an average of three protecte

28 September 2020

Haie vom Himmel aus gesehen

Ein kalifornisches Forscherteam hat sich ein ehrgeiziges Ziel gesetzt: Die Hai

28 September 2020

Final whale saved from grim Australia mass stranding

A lone whale was rescued from among hundreds of carcasses Sunday, taking to 11

27 September 2020

Des sauveteurs australiens contraints d'euthanasier des «dauphins-pilotes» en baie de Tasmanie

Des sauveteurs australiens ont dû se résoudre jeudi à euthanasier des «daup

24 September 2020

Tasmania pilot whales: Australia to euthanise stranded animals

Several surviving pilot whales beached in a mass stranding in Tasmania will be

24 September 2020

Tragedy in Tasmania: what are pilot whales, and why do they strand themselves?

Pilot whales – actually large dolphins – are vulnerable because of their close

24 September 2020

Mueren 380 ballenas varadas en Australia y otras 70 son rescatadas

Los equipos de rescate están ahora concentrándose en salvar a los 20 cetáceos

24 September 2020

Pilot whales Tasmania: Rescuing whales in Australia's worst stranding

Nearly 400 whales have died in Australia's worst stranding, and rescuers are r

24 September 2020