North Pacific

Les récifs hawaïens ont perdu près de la moitié de leur population de poissons en raison de la pollution et de la pêche

Un écosystème de récifs coralliens en bonne santé s’apparente à une ville bien

30 Octubre 2020

'Jet fighter' godwit breaks world record for non-stop bird flight

Bar-tailed godwit flies more than 12,000km from Alaska to New Zealand in 11 da

13 Octubre 2020

Pleas for killer whales to have more space after spate of harassments

Wildlife campaigners in the Pacific Northwest have made an impassioned plea to

04 Octubre 2020

Dolphin stampede wows whale watchers

Around 300 dolphins were caught on camera as they travelled at rapid speeds ne

13 August 2020

Killer whale who went viral after carrying her dead calf for 17 days falls pregnant

Orca known as Tahlequah is nearing final stages of pregnancy, according to pho

29 July 2020

How a Pudgy Porpoise May Save Other Animals From Extinction

The vaquita, an icon of the Gulf of California, is swiftly dying out. But its strange DNA could hold valuable lessons for other threatened species.

16 April 2020

Huge ‘hot blob’ in Pacific Ocean killed nearly a million seabirds

Thousands of bodies washed up on North America’s Pacific coast

16 January 2020

Der tödliche "Blob"

Millionen verendeter Seevögel und Fische, auch Wale litten: Forscher haben untersucht, was warme Wassermassen vor der amerikanischen Westküste angerichtet haben.

15 January 2020