Opinion: Big Cats: Predators under Threat, World Wildlife Day

Wildlife tourism is not a viable option in Central Asia — the area is inaccessible and lacks the infrastructure which all but the hardiest of travellers want.

08 March 2018

Tigers are rapidly disappearing all across SE Asia

One-third of conservation areas risk losing their endangered cats, WWF warns

28 February 2018

One million birds killed illegally every year at a wildlife site in Iran

Conservationists sound alarm over unprecedented slaughter of rare and endangered species by hunters at three lagoons

25 February 2018

Nouveau mystère sur l'origine des chevaux domestiques

Des analyses génétiques montrent que les premiers équidés connus, apprivoisés il y a 5000 ans, ne sont pas les ancêtres des chevaux actuels.

23 February 2018

Die Legende von den letzten Wildpferden

In den Steppen der Mongolei leben seit einigen Jahren wieder Exemplare der fast ausgestorbenen Przewalski-Pferde, sie werden als letzte Wildpferde angesehen.

23 February 2018

Coto al comercio de marfil, el 'oro blanco'

A escasos metros de los rascacielos más espigados de Hong Kong, las estrechas calles del barrio de Sheung Wang llevan décadas acogiendo algunos de los comercios dedicados a la venta de marfil con m

19 February 2018

Pakistan, India to work together for turtle conservation

A regional plan for turtle conservation has been developed by experts representing five countries, including Pakistan and India, at a recently held meeting of Northern Indian Ocean Marine Turtle Ta

02 February 2018

Hong Kong votes to ban domestic ivory sales

Lawmakers overwhelmingly vote for the bill to abolish trade by 2021, which will shut down a massive ivory market and throw a ‘lifeline’ to elephants

31 January 2018

Hong Kong bans ivory trade in 'historic' vote

Hong Kong's lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly to ban the trade in ivory, in a move campaigners termed "a lifeline for elephants".

31 January 2018