UN’s Kunming biodiversity summit delayed a second time

Covid pandemic continues to hamper plans for key gathering to agree targets on protecting nature.

19 March 2021

Development and Climate Change Contribute to a Himalayan Tragedy

Infrastructure projects like roads and dams destabilize slopes and compound the effects of glacial floods and avalanches, scientists say.

05 March 2021

How 30,000 elephant 'selfies' will help in conservation

Zoo keepers have compiled the world's largest collection of thermal images of elephants.

25 February 2021

La India presenta el Informe sobre Iniciativas para la Conservación desde la COP13 de la CMS

El Gobierno de la India, en calidad de Presidente de la COP de la CMS, ha elaborado un informe que detalla las iniciativas para la conservación de varias especies recogidas en los Apéndices de la CMS, incluidas aquellas añadidas durante la COP13 celebrada en Gandhinagar, India.  Las especies marinas se encuentran entre aquellas que se benefician de las nuevas medidas de conservación. Tras ser signatario del MdE sobre Tortugas Marinas IOSEA, el gobierno ha publicado un «Plan de Acción Nacional para la Conservación de las Tortugas Marinas (2021-2026)» a fin de llevar a cabo medidas efectivas para la conservación de esta especie.

24 February 2021

Study highlights ‘terrible’ signs of species decline from wildlife trade

A new study found that the wildlife trade has led to a near 62% decrease in species abundance, raising concerns about its impact on terrestrial biodiversity.

22 February 2021

Bird flu: Bar-headed geese worst hit in Pong wintering ground

Nestled in the sylvan surroundings of the Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh, t

10 January 2021

Three men filmed beating dolphin to death arrested in India

Outpouring of disgust after brutal attack on endangered Gangetic dolphin in Ut

08 January 2021

A good year for the Philippine eagle in 2020, but not for its supporters

Efforts to conserve the critically endangered Philippine eagle

08 January 2021

20,000 migratory birds in Noida, task force formed amid flu fears

The Noida administration and the forest and veterinary departments have consti

07 January 2021