Ardeotis nigriceps

The Government of India, in its capacity as CMS COP President, has produced a report detailing conservation initiatives for many species listed on the CMS Appendices including those added during COP13 in Gandhinagar, India. Marine species are among those that benefit from new conservation measures. Being a signatory of the IOSEA Marine Turtles MOU, the government has launched a ‘National Marine Turtle Action Plan (2021-2026)’ to take effective measures for the conservation of marine turtles.

24 Feb 2021
Assessment information
CMS InstrumentsCMS
IUCN StatusCritically endangered
Date of entry in Appendix I2020
Geographic range
Countries India, Pakistan

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Common names
EnglishGreat Indian Bustard
FrenchOutarde à tête noire
SpanishAvutarda de la India
GermanIndische Trappe
Scientific name Ardeotis nigriceps
SynonymsChoriotis nigriceps, Eupodotis edwardsi, Otis nigriceps


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