South-West Asia

Why Pakistan lets Arab bigwigs set falcons on rare birds

The Asian houbara is an unlikely diplomatic asset. An elusive, desert-dwelling bird, its expression suggests bad temper rather than entente.

17 April 2019

Why the UAE's mangroves are so important — and how to save them

Mangrove ecosystems support a huge variety of wildlife, but also provide huge benefits for cities

12 April 2019

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Unveils National Marine Turtle Consetrvation Plan

The Ministry of Climate Change and Envionment (MOCCAE) has rolled out the National Plan of Action for the Conservation of Marine Turtles in the UAE 2018-2021

11 March 2019

UAE launches plan to save its turtles

Of the seven species of turtles found in the world’s oceans, five can be found in the UAE

06 March 2019

Shark fishing banned off UAE from March 1 to June 30

Fishermen are allowed to catch sharks only from July 1 until the last day of February of the following year, according to a new resolution issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (

05 February 2019

Sustainable Conservation of the Saker Falcon

The Bedouin falconry tradition probably extends back over thousands of years and is based around the annual migration seasons of the Saker falcon and its prey.

01 January 2019

Global Dugong Genetics Project

The Global Dugong Genetics Project aims to examine the phylogeography of the dugong based on historical samples from throughout the dugong’s range. It will update conservation and management actions through mapping the distribution of discrete dugong populations; identifying historical and potential migratory routes; and highlighting small populations as a priority for conservation. The Project was a collaboration between James Cook University and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

04 May 2021

Dugong and Seagrass Research Toolkit

The Dugong and Seagrass Research Toolkit is an initiative by TOTAL, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and CMS Dugong MOU to provide an easily accessible online resource that incorporates decision-making for the selection of the most appropriate methodologies for studies of dugongs, seagrasses and the associated human communities.

16 July 2018