South-East Asia

These countries are the most dangerous for wildlife

The biggest killers of wildlife globally are unsustainable hunting and harvesting, and the conversion of huge swathes of natural habitat into f

15 March 2019

Plastic waste in oceans killing marine life in coastal waters in VN

In late December, a 10-year old sea turtle with broken legs was discovered by SASA, the rescue force, and carried ashore for treatment in Da nang

31 January 2019

Rare migratory birds sighted flying over Pampanga islet

Three globally endangered black-faced spoonbills (Platalea minor) were seen flying over Bangkung Malapad islet in Sasmuan town, Pampanga province, on Jan.

15 January 2019

Marine protected areas increasing fish stocks

Surrounded by severely damaged coral reefs, the fishers of Indonesia’s Seraya Besar, off the wes

30 October 2018

How the world’s largest snake hunt hurts Southeast Asia's biggest lake

Each year millions of water snakes are pulled from Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake, degrading this ecological wonder of the world.

27 October 2018

Habitat of endangered Malayan tigers vanishing

PETALING JAYA: The Hulu Sempam area which has been cleared for durian plantation is vital to the survival of the Malayan tiger, which is now considered critically endangered.
23 October 2018

Raptor migration season in Sarangani opens

It’s the time of the year once more when raptors from neighboring countries, such as Taiwan and Japan, fly long distances and even cross open oceans to find the suitable environment and feeding are

01 October 2018

An Epic Quest Aims to Find Giant Catfish Babies

A new study gathers clues—in the form of fish fry—to plummeting numbers of humongous catfish in the legendary Mekong river system.

04 September 2018