South-East Asia

Key cetacean site in Philippines sees drop in dolphin, whale sightings

A recent survey has confirmed a declining trend in sightings of dolphins and whales in the Tañon Strait in the central Philippines, a waterway declared an Important Marine

31 January 2020

‘Land of Cats’ a biodiversity powerhouse – for now

Just last month leopards were declared extinct in Laos. They have disappeared from Vietnam and are likely to go extinct in Cambodia. Tigers also have vanished from Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

15 January 2020

Tigers extinct in Laos

The snaring crisis in Southeast Asia appears to have claimed the lives of the country’s last wild tigers

The Revelator

13 December 2019

Signatories to IOSEA Marine Turtle MOU Agree on New Work Programme

Da Nang/Viet Nam, 24 October 2019 – The 8th Meeting of the Signatories (MOS8) to the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Marine Turtles and their Habitats of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia (IOSEA Marine Turtle MOU) concluded today after four days of intense deliberations.

24 October 2019

Saving the snow leopard

Big cats are elusive, but the snow leopard especially so. Locals living alongside the leopards often refer to them as the ‘ghosts of the mountains’ as they are hardly ever seen.

23 October 2019

New flowerpecker species discovered in imperiled lowland forests of Borneo

There’s a new species of fruit-eating bird in Borneo that is now known as the Spectacled Flowerpecker.

18 October 2019

Philippines races to save its increasingly endangered hornbills

The last 15 years have been harsh on hornbills in the Philippines: Nine out of the 11 species in the country are threatened

08 October 2019

Eleven elephants die after falling into waterfall trying to save calf

Eleven elephants have died after plunging from the top of a 200m waterfall in Thailand trying to save on of their young.

08 October 2019

Thai marine biologist pleads for dugong conservation plan

A top marine biologist has urged Thailand's government to speed up conservation plans for the dugong, an imperiled sea mammal, after their death toll for the year in Thai waters has already climbed

04 October 2019

Martial law in Mindanao takes deadly toll on land, environmental defenders

MINDANAO, Philippines — In September 2006, Victor Danyan looked out over the corporate coffee plantation that had taken over his tribe’s land in the village of Ned, on the southern Philippine islan

01 October 2019