South-East Asia

Dugongs delight in tourist-free seas

Marine park officials have found a big school of dugongs happily feeding on seagrass off this southern province because the coronavirus disease has stopped tourism.

23 April 2020

Día de la Tierra: Singapur demuestra cómo la arquitectura se puede adaptar a la naturaleza y no al revés

Con casi seis millones de habitantes, es la cuarta ciudad más sostenible del mundo y alberga una floreciente escena de creadores de vanguardia respetuosos con el medioambiente

22 April 2020

Poachers kill 3 near-extinct giant ibises amid pandemic pressure in Cambodia

A recent poaching incident in Cambodia’s northern plains took the lives of three giant ibises, a critically endangered bird species.

21 April 2020

Thailand’s captive elephants face starvation amid COVID-19 tourism freeze

The COVID-19 crisis has brought tourism in Thailand to a halt, forcing at least 85 elephant camps in northern Thailand to close and lay off more than 5,000 staff.

21 April 2020

Coronavirus: Calls to protect great apes from threat of infection

Conservation experts are calling for urgent action to protect our closest living relatives, the great apes, from the threat of coronavirus.

25 March 2020

Southeast Asia’s dugongs may disappear soon

In 2019, two baby dugongs were found alive after they washed ashore in Krabi and `Trang provinces, in Thailand, but sadly died not long after they were rescued.

18 February 2020

Philippine fruit bats may be entirely new species of their own, DNA suggests

A recently published genetic study on fruit bats found in the Philippines revealed high genetic difference among island groups and compared to the Southeast Asian region,

17 February 2020

Damming the Lower Mekong, Devastating the Ways and Means of Life

Thailand funded the first dam on the river in Laos, and it is Thai towns, farms and fisheries that are suffering.

15 February 2020

Investigation reveals loopholes for illegal shark fin exports from Indonesia

An undercover reporting initiative by Indonesian media has highlighted loopholes that allow protected sharks to be sold abroad.

12 February 2020

Endangered migratory birds on collision course with Philippine airport project

The ongoing construction of an international airport north of Manila may displace at least 12 endangered and threatened bird species, a bird-watching group says.

03 February 2020