South & Central America & The Caribbean

International Meeting to Protect the World's Sharks Convenes in Costa Rica

The second Meeting of Signatories to the Convention on Migratory Species Sharks MOU is taking place in San José, Costa Rica, from 15 to 19 February.

15 February 2016

Drones help Galapagos tackle rat infestation

Drones are helping conservationists rid one Galapagos island of an infestation of rats threatening indigenous birds.


31 January 2019

Haiti’s first-ever personal nature reserve created to guard imperiled species

In a race against time, an American professor and a Haitian CEO have teamed up to establish private nature reserves to protect Haiti’s disappearing species.

29 January 2019

Beneath the Waves: a Game-Changer to Shark Science in the Caribbean

While most people in the northern hemisphere are blanketed under snow and actual blankets, Beneath the Waves is outside and on the waters of the Caribbean, helping make their vision come true: ocea

28 January 2019

Drohnen bekämpfen Ratten

Das Öko-Paradies Galapagos ist schon länger von eingeschleppten Tieren bedroht. Gegen eine Rattenplage setzen Forscher deshalb nun neueste Technik ein - auch aus Kostengründen.

25 January 2019

Weibchen schwimmen weiter - und stranden öfter

Nach der Brutzeit wandern Magellan-Pinguine entlang der Küste Südamerikas nach Norden. Unterwegs stranden allerdings viele Tiere.

07 January 2019

Female penguins 'get stranded more because they travel further'

Longer journeys may exhaust birds, say scientists tracking them off South American coast

07 January 2019

Female penguins are getting stranded along the South American coast

Every year, thousands of Magellanic penguins are stranded along the South American coast—from northern Argentina to southern Brazil—1,000 kilometers away from their breeding ground in northern Pata

07 January 2019

Plastic Threatens Even Our Common Shorebirds, Study Warns

Dead American Oystercatchers on Brazilian beaches were loaded with plastic, hinting that the world’s pollution problem isn’t just far out at sea.

21 December 2018