Support for International Conservation of Sharks and Rays in Oceania is Growing as New Zealand Joins the CMS Sharks MOU

Bonn, 13 July 2015 - New Zealand signed the UNEP/CMS Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks (Sharks MOU) on 6 July 2015. 

13 July 2015

Dead whale 'had 40kg of plastic in its stomach'

A dead whale has been found washed up in the Philippines with a stomach filled with 40kg of plastic.

22 March 2019

Australie : des milliers de requins meurent afin de protéger les surfeurs

Dans l’Etat du Queensland, les dispositifs de protection des plages, meurtriers pour les requins, sont décriés par les associations de protection de l’environnement.

21 March 2019

Philippines’ new marine protected area includes community-led monitoring program

Encompassing more than 54 acres of thriving coral reef habitat, the new marine protected area in Batangas empowers local residents as stewards of the reef, enjoining them in a uniquely ambitious tw

11 March 2019

Thirteen mammal extinctions prevented by havens

A stocktake of Australia's animal havens – conservation areas free of cats and foxes – has found that they have already prevented 13 mammal extinctions.

05 March 2019

Balloons the number one marine debris risk of mortality for seabirds

The data showed that a seabird ingesting a single piece of plastic had a 20 per cent chance of mortality, rising to 50 per cent for nine items and 100 per cent for 93 items.

01 March 2019

Totally cool turtles may help save species

A trial of ways to cool turtle nests is underway in Queensland's Far North as global warming threatens turtle populations throughout the tropics.

11 February 2019

La vie s'est déjà installée sur une île apparue fin 2014 dans le Pacifique

Une éruption volcanique sous-marine avait fait émerger une terre d'un kilomètre de diamètre entre deux îlots.

06 February 2019