Support for International Conservation of Sharks and Rays in Oceania is Growing as New Zealand Joins the CMS Sharks MOU

Bonn, 13 July 2015 - New Zealand signed the UNEP/CMS Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks (Sharks MOU) on 6 July 2015. 

13 July 2015

One thousand at-risk seagulls moved to make way for America's Cup ferry terminal

Project to move the red-billed gulls colony is believed to be New Zealand’s largest mass relocation of a bird colony

12 February 2020

Women on the Solomon Islands are protecting critically endangered sea turtles

On the Solomon Islands, rats and poachers are the two major threats to critically endangered sea turtles.

22 January 2020

Les incendies en Australie sont « un drame sans précédent » pour la faune et la flore

Près de 30 % des koalas, ces marsupiaux endémiques symboles de l’île, pourraient avoir été tués dans l’Etat de Nouvelle-Galles du Sud.

03 January 2020

Peregrine falcon chicks hatch in Melbourne as Facebook fans watch on

Thousands of fans are monitoring the new brood in their nest in a high-rise office building

30 September 2019