North Pacific

Endangered Hawaiian monk seal population rises to 1,400

The population of Hawaiian monk seals - one of the world's most critically endangered marine mammals - has been increasing 3 per cent a year for the past three years, federal wildlife officials sai

24 January 2017

Study shows signs of hope for endangered sea turtles

Bones from dead turtles washed up on Mexican beaches indicate that Baja California is critical to the survival of endangered North Pacific loggerhead sea turtles.

17 January 2017

Mutter-Tochter-Stress im Orca-Reich

Schwertwal-Weibchen werden uralt, können aber den Großteil ihres Lebens keinen Nachwuchs bekommen. Warum nicht? Forscher haben nun eine Antwort gefunden.

13 January 2017

Tilikum and Granny are dead. Here’s why you should care about these killer whales

The documentary Blackfish challenged attitudes to our treatment of orcas, but these deaths should warn against complacency.

09 January 2017

World's oldest known killer whale Granny dies

The world's oldest known killer whale, affectionately known as Granny, is missing and presumed dead, researchers say.

03 January 2017

Mexico bid to save world's smallest vaquita porpoise

Mexican authorities and scientists are trying to save the world's smallest porpoise by capturing illegal "ghost" fishing nets.

16 December 2016

Uralt-Albatros erstaunt Forscher

Sie kam, saß und legte: Das Albatrosweibchen Wisdom begeistert derzeit Biologen auf dem Midway Atoll. Trotz ihres fortgeschrittenen Alters brütet die Vogeldame wieder.

10 December 2016

World’s oldest known seabird lays an egg at age of 66

Laysan albatross known as Wisdom is also the world’s oldest known breeding bird in the wild and has had a few dozen chicks.

10 December 2016