North Pacific

Tsunami: Zahlreiche Tierarten auf Plastikmüll von Japan bis in die USA getrieben

Forscher rekonstruieren ganz neuen Ausbreitungsweg: Mindestens 289 Spezies haben so den Pazifik überquert

29 September 2017

A mission to the Pacific plastic patch

A mariner who has spent years travelling "hundreds of thousands of nautical miles" to measure the impact of plastic waste in the ocean has estimated that a "raft" of plastic debris spanning more th

16 July 2017

Robbe bekommt Nachwuchs mitten am Touristenstrand

Auf Hawaii hat eine Robbe einer seltenen Art ihr Junges geboren - mitten am belebten Strand von Waikiki. Zahlreiche Touristen bestaunen Robbenmama "Rocky" und ihr Baby.

30 June 2017

Endangered Hawaiian monk seal gives birth on Waikiki beach

This Thursday, June 29, 2017 photo shows a Hawaiian monk seal and her newborn pup on a Waikiki beach in Honolulu.

29 June 2017

Whale entanglements skyrocket off the U.S. West Coast

Whale entanglements are rising, leading to concerns that current regulations are inadequate.

19 June 2017

Rush Hour in the Bering Strait

Hundreds of thousands of marine mammals migrate through the gap between Russia and Alaska—and these aquatic commuters are increasingly under threat.

19 May 2017

Rare Mexican porpoise faces 'imminent extinction'

An immediate extension of a fishing ban is desperately needed to save the world's most endangered marine species.


16 May 2017

Sea otters ahead of dolphins in using tools

Sea otters may have been using stone tools for thousands or even millions of years, according to scientists. 


22 March 2017

Madre por huevos

Una hembra de albatros crió con 66 años y no se montó ningún pollo.

El Pais

19 March 2017

Mort d'un des derniers marsouins de Californie

Un bébé de l'espèce de cétacé la plus menacée au monde a été retrouvé sur une plage mexicaine. Il ne reste plus que 30 individus.

17 March 2017