North Pacific

US scientists to investigate spike in deaths of gray whales

About 70 creatures found washed up on coast of North America but federal agency believes it is a small fraction of total fatalities

01 June 2019

An epic Pacific survey reveals mixed fortunes for green and hawksbill turtles

First the good news: A sweeping survey of the Pacific Basin has found the population of endangered green turtles (Chelonia mydas) there is increasing.

29 April 2019

A pod of orcas is starving to death. A tribe has a radical plan to feed them

The Lummi Nation is dropping live salmon into the sea in a last-ditch rescue effort: ‘We don’t have much time’

25 April 2019

Endangered green turtles now increasing in numbers, study of Pacific coral reefs finds

Protective measures which began in 1970s could be paying off in allowing green turtle populations to rebound, researchers say

24 April 2019

Les espèces invasives au secours de la biodiversité à Hawaï

Dans l’archipel du Pacifique, l’essentiel des oiseaux autochtones a disparu. Ce sont désormais les nouvelles espèces introduites qui dispersent les plantes, tant bien que mal.

14 April 2019