North Pacific

How drones are helping hunt for sharks in California

Lifeguards in the US have come up with a new tool to protect beach goers from potential shark attacks.


18 June 2015

Un tiburón blanco gigante recorre las costas de Baja California

Se trata de uno de los especímenes más grandes jamás grabados, según el canal de televisión Discovery

17 June 2015

Faszinierende Fotos: Killerwale auf Kuschelkurs

Erstmals haben Forscher Schwertwale mit einer Drohne beobachtet. Die beeindruckenden Aufnahmen vor Kanadas Nordwestküste zeigen den Gesundheitszustand der Meeressäuger - und ihren Spieltrieb.

09 June 2015

Taiji-Bucht: Japaner halten an der Delfinjagd fest

In Japan wollen Fischer die brutale Treibjagd auf Delfine ungeachtet des internationalen Drucks fortsetzen.

27 May 2015

California trata de contener un vertido de petróleo en una zona turística

El gobernador de California (EE UU), Jerry Brown, declaró el miércoles por la noche el estado de emergencia en el condado de Santa Bárbara por una fuga de petróleo en una de sus playas

21 May 2015

'Nightmare' California oil spill damages rare coastal ecosystem

Activists say accident is soiling Gaviota coast, a Mediterranean-climate region of which there are only five in the world, and will be closed off for weeks or months

20 May 2015

Why are so many whales dying on California's shores?

A recent spate of whales washed up on the state’s beaches may be coincidence but ship strikes, fishing lines, sonar and climate change are all taking a toll.

16 May 2015

Sperm whales target fishing boats for an easy meal

Scientists are puzzling over how to stop sperm whales stealing Alaskan fishermen's catch

18 April 2015

Scientists film sperm whale 'doing laps' of underwater camera

A sperm whale surprised scientists carrying out research in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.


18 April 2015

Fifty-foot sperm whale washes up on shore south of San Francisco

Decomposing carcass of 50-foot mammal examined by biologists to determine how it died as boaters warned to steer clear of whales

15 April 2015