Indian Ocean

414 million pieces of plastic found on remote island group in Indian Ocean

Debris on Cocos (Keeling) Islands was mostly bottles, cutlery, bags and straws, but also included 977,000 shoes, study says

16 May 2019

Vulnerability of Marine Turtles to Climate Change

Marine turtles are generally viewed as vulnerable to climate change because of the role that temperature plays in the sex determination of embryos, their long
life history, long age-to-maturity and their highly migratory nature. Impacts of different consequences of climate change, such as temperature and sea level rise, extreme weather events etc. in combination with anthropogenic pressures are discussed in this book chapter.

10 May 2019

Seychelles president issues underwater plea to protect oceans

Danny Faure gives speech from submersible 120 metres below surface of Indian Ocean

14 April 2019

Good news for biodiversity enthusiasts: Olive Ridley turtles arrive at Odisha’s Gahirmatha beach

The mass nesting, a phenomenon known as arribada (a Spanish term), began Tuesday night. An estimated 92,053 female turtles were spotted digging pits with flippers to lay eggs.

01 March 2019

These endangered bats are being killed by the thousands—here’s why

Scientists are suing the Mauritius government to halt the culling of flying foxes. So far, 50,000 bats have been slaughtered.

01 March 2019

Proposed bill seeks to ensure more protected areas in Seychelles

A new bill to replace the National Parks and Nature Conservancy Act is being proposed in Seychelles to ensure more protected areas in the island nation.

15 February 2019

Les chauves-souris géantes de l'île Maurice, tuées pour leur gourmandise

Le gouvernement mauricien est accusé d'abattre les dernières roussettes de l'île, pourtant protégées.

31 January 2019

Beneath the Waves: a Game-Changer to Shark Science in the Caribbean

While most people in the northern hemisphere are blanketed under snow and actual blankets, Beneath the Waves is outside and on the waters of the Caribbean, helping make their vision come true: ocea

28 January 2019