Surfers Against Sewage ride the wave of the 'Harry and Meghan effect'

In nearly 30 years, a bunch of surfers concerned about pollution have become a serious marine conservation force.

19 June 2018

Why we should care about the vanishing of the swifts

It is the most miraculous bird, the ultimate winged messenger, exploring our globe, spending its life on the breeze.

19 June 2018

My daughter and I paddled 22 miles, picking up plastic. Here’s what we found

One My Little Pony, two crabbing buckets, five balloons, six balls, seven straws, nine shoes, a dozen coffee cups, 20 carrier bags, 205 plastic bottles and lids, polystyrene and a huge amount of ro

14 June 2018

Fifth of Britain’s wild mammals ‘at high risk of extinction’

The wildcat and mouse-eared bat are on the brink, but deer are spreading and otters bouncing back, according to a comprehensive analysis.

13 June 2018

Feuerwehr zieht toten Buckelwal aus der Ostsee

Ein acht Meter langer Buckelwal ist in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tot aus der Ostsee geborgen worden.

12 June 2018

Tourists to Med told to ditch plastic to avoid huge rise in beach litter

Tourists are being urged to reduce their use of plastic as new figures reveal holidaymakers cause a 40% spike in marine litter in the Mediterranean each summer.

08 June 2018

New Scottish marine initiative to look at entanglement

Six organisations have come together to try and better understand marine animals' entanglements with fishing gear along Scotland's coast.

01 June 2018