Killer whales seen in river Clyde

Pod of orcas spotted between Dunoon and Gourock, thought to be hunting seals or porpoises

22 April 2018

La traque musclée contre les braconniers de bébés anguilles

ENQUÊTE - Classés en danger d'extinction, les alevins d'anguille, appelés civelles, sont très recherchés par les Asiatiques, prêts à les payer une fortune.

18 April 2018

Take a gander: Dutch drivers warned over boom in geese population

Hundreds of geese spotted in grasslands around roads in east Netherlands, with some birds swooping into paths of vehicles

18 April 2018

Porpoise plucked from shallow waters

A young female porpoise has been rescued after becoming stranded on the east coast of Scotland

17 April 2018

Hen harrier 'brood management' plan faces crowdfunded legal challenge

Campaign against plan to remove chicks from their nests and rear them in captivity raises £25,000 in four days.

16 April 2018

Sir David Attenborough joins world experts in calling for action for nature

On the 12th of April, Sir David Attenborough joins the head of the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity and an expert panel from government, business and civil society to discuss how to mobilise

12 April 2018

New method prioritizes species for conservation in the face of uncertainty

A new way to prioritize species for conservation efforts outperforms other similar methods, according to new research.

11 April 2018

A sperm whale that washed up on a beach in Spain had 64 pounds of plastic and waste in its stomach

When a young sperm whale washed up on a beach in southern Spain, scientists wanted to know what killed it. They now know: waste -- 64 pounds of it.

11 April 2018

Donner aux grands singes un “droit à vivre”

Un collectif de personnalités lance « un cri » pour empêcher la disparition des grands singes, qui ne sont plus que quelques milliers.

08 April 2018