Przewalski-Pferde haben schnell gelernt, ihren Schutzstatus auszunutzen

Einfluss des Menschen in der Wüste Gobi änderte Ernährung der einzigen heute noch  lebenden Wildpferd-Art

21 July 2017

Why the cheetah is a champion sprinter

They're the sprinters of the animal world - cheetahs on land, falcons in the air and marlins in the sea.

18 July 2017

Hong Kong authorities seize 'record' ivory haul

World’s ‘largest ever’ seizure of 7.2 tonnes of ivory has street value of £7m, officials say

06 July 2017

Pre-COP Regional Workshops

Bonn, 4 July 2017– the CMS Secretariat is holding a series of regional preparatory workshops in the run-up to COP12.  The first is taking place in La Paz, Bolivia from 18 to 20 Jul

04 July 2017

World Heritage Committee Meets in Cracow: Hope for the Yellow Sea

The 41st session of the World Heritage Committee is taking place in Cracow, Poland from 2 to 12 July 2017. Like every year, the representatives from 21 States Parties to the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage will identify, based on nominations submitted by States Parties, cultural and natural properties that need to be protected and decide which of those will be added to the World Heritage List.

03 July 2017

A leopard kingdom grows right in the middle of a concrete jungle

Those who don't know much about forests they may not under stand the real importance or uniqueness of leopards -present in almost every part of the country, including Pune.

29 June 2017

‘Tracking Gobi Grizzlies:’ Book excerpt and Q&A with Douglas Chadwick, wildlife biologist and author

Stretching across a vast swath of southern Mongolia and northern China, the Gobi Desert is an immense, harsh, and unforgiving environment. Could a bear really thrive there?

29 June 2017

From Prague to Mongolia, wild horses return to the steppes

A quarter-century-old project to repopulate the steppes of Mongolia with wild horses was kept alive as four animals made the long trip back to their ancestral home from

28 June 2017

Hong Kong launches bill to ban domestic ivory trade

The move follows demonstrations in the city and the decision by China to ban their own trade

26 June 2017