Mining poses new threat to world's greatest rhino sanctuary

The surface of a pool near the Imfolozi river ripples as a white rhino, its young calf close by, lowers its mouth to drink. Rhinos have roamed the Earth in such a way for 40 million years.

17 July 2014

Concerns for apes as palm oil industry expands into Africa

FIRST IT WAS THE orangutans that suffered as oil palm plantations stretched their way across South-East Asia.

15 July 2014

Kenya: UN Applauds Kenya's Role in Joint Anti-Ivory Smuggling Operation

Some conservationists could neither believe their ears nor eyes when news from Geneva, Switzerland, started trickling in at the weekend that Kenya's law enforcement against wildlife crime had won r

14 July 2014

Duftstoffe bei Gorillas: So riecht nur der Chef

Immer der Nase nach: Gorilla-Männchen leiten ihre Gruppe nicht nur mit Imponiergehabe und Gebrüll. Sie nutzen auch Duftstoffe dazu, zum Beispiel bei Ärger oder Gefahr.

10 July 2014

Africa's vulture population in jeopardy following mass poisoning incidents

Conservationists warn biodiversity crisis could result from widespread illegal poisoning of carcasses by poachers

26 June 2014

Using drones to save elephants and rhinos could backfire

Anti-poaching drones could alienate the local people who are vital to conservation – funding should be spent on less glamorous but tried-and-tested approaches

26 June 2014

$213bn illegal wildlife and charcoal trade 'funding global terror groups'

Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked terror group al-Shabaab relies on charcoal as its primary source of finance, UN report says

25 June 2014