Publication Publisher Type Published Date
Fact Sheet on Marine Noise UNEP/CMS Secretariat Fact Sheet 06 2018
Review of Methods Used to Reduce Risks of Cetacean Bycatch and Entanglements (CMS Technical Series No.38) UNEP/CMS Secretariat Technical Series 05 2018
UN Bonn - Shaping a Sustainable Future UN Bonn Information Leaflets & Brochures 12 2017
Multi-species Action Plan to Conserve African-Eurasian Vultures (Vulture MsAP) - CMS Techncial Series No. 35/CMS Raptors MOU Technical Publication No.5 Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MOU Technical Series 11 2017
Cetaceans of the Red Sea - CMS Technical Series No. 33 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Technical Series 10 2017
Road Map for the Conservation of the African Wild Ass (Equus Africanus) 2017-2027 - TS No. 34 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Technical Series 09 2017
Central Asian Mammals Initiative - Newsletter 01/2017 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Newsletter 01 2017
Fact Sheet on CMS Sharks MOU UNEP/CMS Secretariat Fact Sheet 12 2016
Fact Sheet on Migrating Bats UNEP/CMS Secretariat Fact Sheet 07 2016
Central Asian Mammals Initiative - Newsletter 05/2016 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Newsletter 06 2016
Up-date of the status and conservation progress in the Atlantic populations (Monachus monachus) Technical Reports 06 2016
Fact Sheet on African Elephants UNEP/CMS Secretariat Fact Sheet 03 2016
Standard Operating Procedures for detecting and reacting to incidents of health risks for and die-offs in Saiga antelopes and other wildlife in Kazakhstan Guidelines 2016
Oceans Full of Plastic UNEP/CMS & ASCOBANS Secretariats Leaflets & Brochures 11 2015
Report of the Third Southeast Asian Marine Mammals Symposium (SEAMAM III) - TS No. 32 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Technical Series 11 2015
Fact Sheet on the Importance of Brazil for Migratory Animals UNEP/CMS Secretariat Fact Sheet 09 2015
CMS Family Guide UNEP/CMS Secretariat Leaflets & Brochures 09 2015
Fact Sheet on Solutions for Wildlife-Friendly Infrastructure in Central Asia UNEP/CMS Secretariat Fact Sheet 09 2015
Fact Sheet on Migratory Birds and Energy Installations UNEP/CMS and UNEP/AEWA Secretariats Fact Sheet 05 2015
Sharks of the Arabian Seas - an identification guide International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Guidelines 2015
Aspects of Trans-boundary Snow Leopard Conservation in Central Asia Technical Reports 2015
Sourcebook of Opportunities for Enhancing Cooperation among the Biodiversity-Related Conventions at National and Regional Levels UNEP Guidelines 2015
A Review of Migratory Bird Flyways and Priorities for Management - TS No. 27 UNEP/CMS Secretariat Technical Series 10 2014
Fact Sheet on the SakerGAP Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MoU Fact Sheet 10 2014
Fact Sheet on the CMS Dugong MOU The Dugong MOU Secretariat Fact Sheet 10 2014