Terrestrial mammals

‘Paradise and hell’: the battle to save the forest elephant

Gabon’s wild and beautiful rainforest is on the frontline against ivory poachers, part of international criminal networks that also fund terrorists. 

12 May 2018

'The best bat experience in Britain': Cambridge's nocturnal punting safaris

A trip following bats along the river Cam has become one of the hottest tickets in town – and raised money for their protection. 

10 May 2018

Écouter les vibrations du sol pour suivre les éléphants à la trace

Des chercheurs ont enregistré les ondes sismiques émises par les grands mammifères africains.

09 May 2018

Zimbabwe women's anti-poaching group protecting elephants

A group of women is helping to protect one of the largest remaining elephant populations in Africa.

08 May 2018

Extreme weather 'potentially catastrophic' for bats

Extreme weather appears to be disrupting the life cycle of Europe's bats.


04 May 2018

Poachers killed three rhinos in Kenya

Via Twitter on Thursday, Kenya Wildlife Service reported that the poachers killed two black rhinos and a calf.

03 May 2018

Keeping up with Germany's endangered bats

Deforestation, light pollution, pesticides and wind turbines – German bats face threats left, right and center.

30 April 2018

Strategic Meeting to Advance Conservation of Central Asian Migratory Mammals

Range State representatives, scientists and conservation experts met last week at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the German Isle of Vilm to review the implementation of the CMS Central Asian Mammals Initiative (CAMI), to discuss challenges and strategy for further action.

27 April 2018

Mehr Gorillas und Schimpansen gezählt - Affengeil!

In Zentralafrika leben offenbar doppelt so viele Gorillas wie angenommen. Auch die Zahl der freilebenden Schimpansen ist wohl größer als geschätzt. Entwarnung geben Forscher deshalb aber nicht.

25 April 2018

Gorillas are far more numerous than previously thought, survey reveals

Larger-than-expected population in Africa gives hope for species survival, scientists say, but animal remains critically endangered. 

25 April 2018