Marine mammals

Marine wildlife charities' worries over management plan

A long-awaited plan for managing Wales' seas could have "significant negative consequences" for marine wildlife, environment groups have warned.

09 January 2018

The people of the whale

Kiliii Yuyan is an indigenous Nanai photographer who documents native cultures and wilderness conservation issues.

03 January 2018

Les amours cacophoniques d'un poisson peuvent rendre sourds les dauphins

Pendant la période de reproduction, des millions d'acoupas du golfe se massent au même endroit provoquant un tel vacarme qu'il peut rendre sourd certains mammifères marins.

22 December 2017

These British dolphins are a source of joy – and a cause for hope

Humans are doing great damage to the oceans and their inhabitants. So when conservation efforts bear fruit, it is a reminder that we can do good too

21 December 2017

Geht das nicht auch ein bisschen leiser?

Klar, wenn es zur Sache geht, kann es auch schon mal laut werden. Aber die Lautstärke beim Liebesspiel der Trommlerfische ist rekordverdächtig.

20 December 2017

Loud orgies of Mexican fish could deafen dolphins, say scientists

Mating call of the Gulf corvina, which is under threat from overfishing, sounds like ‘a really loud machine gun’

20 December 2017

Bottlenose dolphins giving England the fins up all year round, research shows

A group of 28 bottlenose dolphins has been identified that live in the shallow waters around St Ives in Cornwall, but sometimes travel to Devon and Dorset

20 December 2017

Ausstellung zeigt künstlerische Annäherung zum Thema Schweinswale

Schau in Lecker Nordsee-Akademie weist darauf hin, dass die Tiere in Nord- und Ostsee vom Aussterben bedroht sind.

14 December 2017

Protecting the Red Sea from Shipping

The Red Sea has been flagged up as an environmentally sensitive area by researchers, with live coral reefs at constant risk of extinction from intense shipping activities and poor tourism practices

14 December 2017