Marine mammals

A sperm whale that washed up on a beach in Spain had 64 pounds of plastic and waste in its stomach

When a young sperm whale washed up on a beach in southern Spain, scientists wanted to know what killed it. They now know: waste -- 64 pounds of it.

11 April 2018

Underwater with Sri Lanka's sperm whales – in pictures

The sperm whale may be one of the most successful animals in the ocean, boasting a global distribution that survived the toll of the 20th century, when whaling factory fleets took three million gre

05 April 2018

The whales who love to sing in the dark

Beneath the Arctic sea ice, in the blanket of January's polar night, bowhead whales most prefer to sing.

04 April 2018

Les baleines boréales composent et interprètent sans cesse de nouvelles chansons

En trois ans, les chercheurs ont enregistré près de 184 airs différents produits par cette espèce particulièrement prolifique.

04 April 2018

So klingt es, wenn Grönlandwale improvisieren

Mit Unterwassermikrofonen kundschaften Forscher den Gesang von Grönlandwalen aus.

04 April 2018

‘Sentinel’ Dolphins Die in Brazil Bay. Some Worry a Way of Life Has, Too.

Something ominous was happening in the turquoise waters of Sepetiba Bay, a booming port outside Rio de Janeiro.

02 April 2018

Hamelin Bay: Nearly 150 beached whales die in Australia

Only six whales have survived a mass stranding of pilot whales on the coast of Western Australia.


23 March 2018

More than 130 whales die in mass stranding in Western Australia

Rescue operation under way to save 15 beached whales in Hamelin Bay near Augusta on state’s south-west coast

23 March 2018