Target 9: International and regional action and cooperation between States for the conservation and effective management of migratory species fully reflects a migration systems approach, in which all States sharing responsibility for the species concerned engage in such actions in a concerted way.


►    The Programme of Work of the Central Asian Mammals Initiative (CAMI POW) includes:

Objective 4 - To support implementation, coordination and resourcing of the CAMI:

4.2.8) Use and develop regional or landscape approaches for fundraising – not only single country projects.

4.2.9) Explore funding options through the Global Environment Fund (GEF) (including Small Grants Programme) projects – joint proposals between several countries should be developed with involvement of GEF implementing agencies (WB, ADB, UNDP) in the processes of project application.

4.2.10) Strengthen bilateral cooperation between countries as well as with donors in fundraising and joint project development.