Target 8: The conservation status of all migratory species, especially threatened species, has considerably improved throughout their range.


Relevant questions in the existing CMS National Report format


II. Appendix I species:

General questions on Appendix I species [this group of questions repeated for each taxonomic group]:

1. Is the taking of all Appendix I [bird etc] species prohibited by the national implementing legislation cited in Table I(a) (General Information)? If other legislation is relevant, please provide details:

1a. If the taking of Appendix I [bird etc] species is prohibited by law, have any exceptions been granted to the prohibition? If yes, please provide details (include the date on which the exception was notified to the CMS Secretariat pursuant to CMS Article III(7).

1.2 Questions on specific Appendix I species [this group of questions repeated for each taxonomic group]

3. Indicate and briefly describe any activities that have been carried out in favour of this species in the reporting period. (Please provide the title of the project and contact details, where available): [List of types provided]

5. Describe any future activities that are planned for this species.


3. Listing of migratory species in Appendix II:

1. Is your country a Range State for any migratory species that has an unfavourable conservation status, but is not currently listed in Appendix II and could benefit from the conclusion of an Agreement for its conservation? If yes, please provide details.

1a. Is your country taking any steps to propose the listing of this/these species in Appendix II?


X. Implementation of COP Resolutions and Recommendations:

Please provide information about measures undertaken by your country relating to recent Resolutions and Recommendations since the last Report. For your convenience please refer to the list of COP Resolutions and Recommendations listed below:

Migratory Species and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (8.27/10.22)

Southern Hemisphere Albatross Conservation (6.3)

Antarctic Minke, Bryde’s and Pygmy Right Whales (7.15)

Concerted Actions for Appendix I Species (8.29) [Also under Target 9]

Concerted and Cooperative Actions (9.1/10.23) [Also under Target 9]

Migratory Marine Species (9.9/10.15)

Saker Falcon (9.20/10.28)

Global Flyway Conservation (10.10) [Also under Target 9]

Migratory Freshwater Fish (10.12)

Contribution of CMS in Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity Target (8.7)

Recommendation 8.17 - Marine Turtles

Recommendation 9.1 - Central Eurasian Aridland Mammals [Also under Target 9]

Recommendation 9.2 - Sahelo-Saharan Megafauna

Recommendation 9.3 - Tigers and other Asian Big Cats

Recommendation 9.5 - Cooperative Action for the Elephant (Loxodonta africana) in Central Africa [Also under Target 9].


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