Target 8: The conservation status of all migratory species, especially threatened species, has considerably improved throughout their range.


►    The Resolution 11.26 Programme of Work on Climate Change and Migratory Species includes:

6) Calls on Parties and non-Parties and stakeholders, with the support of the Secretariat, to strengthen national and local capacity for the implementation of the POW and the protection of species impacted by climate change, including, inter alia, by developing partnerships with key stakeholders and organizing training courses, translating and disseminating examples of best practice, sharing and implementing protocols and regulations, transferring technology, and promoting the use of online and other tool to address specific issues contained in the POW.

►    The Resolution 10.19 Migratory Species Conservation in the Light of Climate Change includes:

1) Urges Parties and Signatories to CMS instruments and encourages Non-Parties exercising jurisdiction over areas that a migratory species inhabits or is expected to inhabit in the near future due to climate change, to participate in CMS and relevant CMS instruments, in order to promote timely conservation measures where migration patterns have changed due to climate change.

5) Requests Parties and the Scientific Council, and encourages the scientific community, IUCN and other relevant organizations to:

5.b) identify those Appendix I and II listed species, as well as other migratory species on the IUCN Red List, that are most susceptible to climate change, such as the polar bear, and subsequently consider whether these should be listed or uplisted on the CMS Appendices, as appropriate; and

5.c) prepare single species action plans for those species listed on Appendix I considered to be most vulnerable to climate change.

15) Encourages Parties and relevant stakeholders to make use of available funding mechanisms, such as REDD+, to support the maintenance of ecosystem services, with the close involvement of local communities, in order to improve the conservation status of migratory species.