Target 8: The conservation status of all migratory species, especially threatened species, has considerably improved throughout their range.


►    The CMS Capacity-building Strategy 2015-2017 includes:

9) With respect to technical capacity, the knowledge concentrated among the advisory bodies of CMS and its instruments will be utilized. Similarly, the activities will be designed with the help of external support specializing in capacity building issues in the context of MEAs. Strengthening existing cooperation among Secretariats of biodiversity-related conventions will be continued. This initiative will encourage sharing lessons learnt and latest information among MEAs. There is already a strong will under the ENRTP and ACP3 projects plans to strengthen the synergies and collaboration between the different MEAs and within the CMS Family. Moreover, combined efforts will ultimately lead to more efficient and effective implementation of the instruments. CMS promotes joint activities in capacity building with Ramsar, CITES and CBD as part of an effort to harmonize and simplify common conservation goals and enhance the Secretariats’ cooperation.


See Section F for further collaborations of relevance to the indicators for this target.


►    The Resolution 11.25- Advancing Ecological Networks to address the Needs of Migratory Species includes:

14) Calls upon Parties and invites other Range States and relevant organizations to use tools such as Movebank, ICARUS and other tools to better understand the movements of CMS-listed species, including the selection of those endangered species whose conservation status would most benefit from a better understanding of their movement ecology, while avoiding actions which may enable the unauthorized tracking of individual animals and facilitate poaching.