Target 7: Multiple anthropogenic pressures have been reduced to levels that are not detrimental to the conservation of migratory species or to the functioning, integrity, ecological connectivity and resilience of their habitats.


Relevant questions in the existing CMS National Report format


II. Appendix I species:

1. General questions on Appendix I species [this group of questions repeated for each taxonomic group]

2. Identify any obstacles to migration that exist in relation to Appendix I [bird etc] species, e.g.:

- By-catch

- Habitat destruction

- Wind turbines

- Pollution

2a. What actions are being undertaken to overcome these obstacles?

2b. Please report on the progress / success of the actions taken.

3. What are the major pressures to Appendix I [bird etc] species (transcending mere obstacles to migration)? 

3a. What actions have been taken to prevent, reduce or control factors that are endangering or are likely to further endanger [bird etc] species beyond actions to prevent disruption to migrating behaviour?

3b. Please report on the progress/success of the actions taken.

3c. Describe any factors that may limit action being taken in this regard.


3. Listing of migratory species in Appendix II:

IV. National and Regional Priorities:

3. Does the conservation of migratory species currently feature in any other national or regional policies/plans (apart from CMS Agreements)? If yes, please provide details:

3a. Do these policies/plans cover the following areas?:

Pollution control. If yes, please provide details.

Planning of power lines. If yes, please provide details.

Planning of fences. If yes, please provide details.

Planning of dams. If yes, please provide details.

Other. If yes, please provide details

4. Results - please describe the positive outcomes of any actions taken.


X. Implementation of COP Resolutions and Recommendations:

Please provide information about measures undertaken by your country relating to recent Resolutions and Recommendations since the last Report. For your convenience please refer to the list of COP Resolutions and Recommendations listed below: