Target 7: Multiple anthropogenic pressures have been reduced to levels that are not detrimental to the conservation of migratory species or to the functioning, integrity, ecological connectivity and resilience of their habitats.


The following existing CMS instruments and tools address raising awareness on the most important anthropogenic pressures on terrestrial mammals (linear infrastructure, including transportation and fencing; mining activities; and overgrazing by livestock /competition for resources with livestock and human-predator conflict due to livestock depredation):


►    The Programme of Work of the Central Asian Mammals Initiative (CAMI POW) includes:

Objective 1 - To address key threats and issues currently not (sufficiently) covered by existing work programmes and stakeholders:

1.2.4) Develop and promote awareness and educational programmes on wildlife protection among herding communities.                  

1.3.2) Increase public-awareness on barriers to migration, specifically:

1.3.2.a) Raise awareness of the broad public on benefits from migratory species,

1.3.2.b) Raise awareness of the broad public on impacts of barriers on migratory species and possible solutions, and

1.3.2.c) Conduct information campaigns targeted at decision makers in government, sector and technical agencies.

►    The Saiga-Medium-Term International Work Programme (for the Saiga Antelope (2016-2020) includes:

Objective 5 - Awareness:

5.1) Continue an objective high-profile mass-media campaign at regional, national and local levels in both Range States and consumer countries, addressing saiga conservation, restoration and sustainable use, and explaining the relevant challenges, with a particular focus on local media outlets.

Objective 12 - Ustiurt population:

12.7) Ensure public access to information on planning, and implement mitigation measures and compensation for saiga and habitat conservation, in collaboration with infrastructural developers (including oil and gas companies and road/rail developers).

►    The Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks; Conservation Plan includes:

Objective 12 - Increasing public awareness of threats to sharks and their habitats, and enhance public participation in conservation activities:

12.2) Raise public awareness of threats to sharks and their habitats.