Target 6: Fisheries and hunting have no significant direct or indirect adverse impacts on migratory species, their habitats or their migration routes, and impacts of fisheries and hunting are within safe ecological limits.


Relevant questions in the existing CMS National Report format


3. Listing of migratory species in Appendix II:

IV. National and Regional Priorities:

3. Does the conservation of migratory species currently feature in any other national or regional policies/plans (apart from CMS Agreements)

3a. Do these policies/plans cover the [exploitation of natural resources (e.g. fisheries, hunting, etc.)]? If yes, please provide details.

4. Results - please describe the positive outcomes of any actions taken.


X. Implementation of COP Resolutions and Recommendations:

Please provide information about measures undertaken by your country relating to recent Resolutions and Recommendations since the last Report. For your convenience please refer to the list of COP Resolutions and Recommendations listed below:

Bycatch (incl. Recommendation) (6.2/7.2/8.14/9.18/10.14).


[Add possible other progress review processes relevant to this target within CMS and CMS instruments]