Target 6: Fisheries and hunting have no significant direct or indirect adverse impacts on migratory species, their habitats or their migration routes, and impacts of fisheries and hunting are within safe ecological limits.


►    The MoU concerning the conservation of the Manatee and small cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia: Action Plan for the conservation of small cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia includes:

Theme 4 – Threat Reduction:

Objective 2 - Where it is legal, limit any direct take to sustainable levels:

4.2.1) Discourage targeted hunting of small cetaceans, and promote alternatives

Theme 8 – Tourism Based on Small Cetaceans:

Objective 1 - Ensure best practice management and maximise educational and economic values of tourism based on small cetaceans in the western African region:

8.1.1) Develop a mechanism to document industry growth (building on Western African tourism organisations/IFAW etc. work).

8.1.5) Ensure socio-economic benefits of whale and dolphin watching reach local communities.