Target 5: Governments, key sectors and stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve or have implemented plans for sustainable production and consumption, keeping the impacts of use of natural resources, including habitats, on migratory species well within safe ecological limits to promote the favourable conservation status of migratory species and maintain the quality, integrity, resilience, and ecological connectivity of their habitats and migration routes.

►    The CMS COP Resolution 12.15 on Aquatic Wild Meat includes:

2. Recommends that Parties, non-Party Range States and other stakeholders, including nongovernmental organizations, cooperate, as appropriate, to:

 a. increase collaboration and information sharing among CMS Parties to understand better and monitor aquatic wild meat harvests;

 b. increase scientific knowledge and understanding of the impacts of subsistence use of CMS-listed species as aquatic wild meat on the survival and regeneration of these species, in the context of growing human populations and pressures on wildlife resources and ecosystems;

See separate Indicator Factsheets document.