Target 3: National, regional and international governance arrangements and agreements affecting migratory species and their migration systems have improved significantly, making relevant policy, legislative and implementation processes more coherent, accountable, transparent, participatory, equitable and inclusive.


See separate Indicator Factsheets document.


►    The Memorandum of Understanding for the conservation of cetaceans and their habitats in the Pacific Islands Region: Whale and Dolphin Action Plan 2013-2017 includes:

Theme 6 - Cultural Significance and Value:


• TK and other customary practices and values documented and incorporated where relevant.

• Review on gaps carried out and report published and disseminated.

• Artifacts and narratives (oral histories) documented and conserved in local museums.

Theme 9 - National, Regional and International Collaboration and Cooperation:


• Number of national, regional and international organisations, processes and frameworks.

• Number of PIR whale and dolphin conservation needs that have been incorporated.

• Number of national, regional and international partnerships created to support WDAP implementation.

• Number of NBSAPs or equivalent strategies integrating WDAP action.

• Capacity strengthened to draft, manage and enforce legislation and policy in country/territory.