Target 3: National, regional and international governance arrangements and agreements affecting migratory species and their migration systems have improved significantly, making relevant policy, legislative and implementation processes more coherent, accountable, transparent, participatory, equitable and inclusive.


►    The CMS COP Resolution 12.08 on the Implementation of Articles IV and V of the Conventionincludes:

10. Invites Parties, other governments and interested organizations to provide voluntary financial and other support where possible for the effective operation of Agreements under the Convention;


►    The CMS COP Resolution 12. 11 on Flyways includes:

5. Instructs the Secretariat, in collaboration with Parties and relevant stakeholders and subject to the availability of resources, to implement those activities assigned to it in the POW

8. Welcomes the kind offer of the Government of India to develop, in consultation with the CMS and AEWA Secretariats and Central Asian Flyway (CAF) Range States, a mid-term plan for further development and operations of the Central Asian Flyway Action Plan for Waterbirds; as well as to support such a plan with resources, to submit a proposal to the 7 th AEWA Meeting of the Parties to incorporate the CAF Action Plan into AEWA, in response to the decision on the preferred legal and institutional framework for CAF and the request to the AEWA Contracting Parties to consider such an incorporation, both of which were agreed by the CAF Range States at the Meeting to Negotiate the Legal and Institutional Framework for the Central Asian Flyway for Migratory Waterbirds (Abu Dhabi, 12 December 2012);


►    The  CMS COP Resolution 10.08 (Rev. COP12) on Cooperation between the International Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and CMS includes:

1.                   Encourages Parties and relevant organizations to make available funds to support the four functions of IPBES, namely assessments, policy support, capacity building and knowledge generation aimed at improving the science-policy interface related to the conservation of migratory species;