The mobilization of adequate resources from all sources to implement the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species effectively has increased substantially.


Note: This target refers to resource mobilization in the broad sense including international and domestic funding from public, private and other sources. It however also implies policy choices that reduce the costs of improving the status of migratory species and thus also benefits from the correct implementation of Goals 1 and 2. Developing countries, least developed countries, small island developing states and countries with economies in transition have particularly acute needs in this regard. Resource flows to as well as within these countries need to increase, both through ”north-south” and “south-south” cooperation.


Expected result

Achievement of this target will involve a measurable positive difference in mobilisation of resources between a baseline point and (a) subsequent assessment point(s).  The resources may be financial or they may be of other kinds (eg human capacity), but they must contribute to SPMS implementation.  Furthermore, to satisfy the target, the increase which occurs must be “substantial” (although what this means is not quantified in the target).


A - Outreach, promotion and uptake of the Plan

  • CMS Communication Strategy (under development)

C - Key partnerships and other supporting delivery frameworks

D - Capacity development

Section to be completed soon

E - Resourcing for biodiversity (including human, technical and financial resources)

Section to be completed soon