Target 16: The mobilization of adequate resources from all sources to implement the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species effectively has increased substantially.


See separate Indicator Factsheets document.


►    The International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Argali includes:

Objective 1 - To stabilize argali numbers and range and reverse negative trends:


· Trophy hunting operations follow international good practice (IUCN 2012) Quotas are scientifically based and sustainable.

· Process for setting quotas, licences and allocating concessions is transparent.

· Community involvement in trophy hunting programmes.

►     The Action Plan for the conservation of southern South American migratory grassland bird species and their habitats, adopted within the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Southern South American Migratory Grassland Bird Species and their Habitats includes:

Objective 5 - To strengthen institutions involved in the MoU:


· Number of projects funded and developed.

Objective 6 - To strengthen international cooperation among the countries party to the Memorandum of Understanding:


· Meetings taking place periodically.