The science base, information, training, awareness, understanding and technologies relating to migratory species, their habitats and migration systems, their value, functioning, status and trends, and the consequences of their loss, are improved, widely shared and transferred, and effectively applied.


Note: The “science base” here does not relate only to new research and monitoring, but also to making better use of existing datasets (including improving their public availability), and improving the standardization of data collection protocols. In addition to investigation and understanding of specific events, phenomena, patterns and consequences, greater efforts may also be required to improve data on baseline conditions, so that meaningful assessments of significance, and assessments of change, can be made.


Expected result

This target addresses a list of different aspects of knowledge and capacity, and in relation to all of these collectively it expects three kinds of result:

  • The listed aspects should be “improved”.
  • The listed aspects should be widely shared and transferred.
  • The listed aspects should be effectively applied.

The first of these is an explicit expression of an expected change relative to the starting position.  The “note” adopted with the target makes reference to standardization of data collection protocols and to making baseline data more useful for assessing significance and change, but in all other respects the term“improved” is not defined and is left open to interpretation.

The aspect of “awareness” is addressed also by Target 1.


A - Outreach, promotion and uptake of the Plan

B - The delivery framework