Target 15: The science base, information, training, awareness, understanding and technologies relating to migratory species, their habitats and migration systems, their value, functioning, status and trends, and the consequences of their loss, are improved, widely shared and transferred, and effectively applied.


An important resource for supporting actions towards this Target is synergistic use of other platforms and occasions for sharing and transferring information and understanding, such as regional meetings of other MEAs or the IPBES process.


►    LaMoU concerning conservation measures for marine turtles of the Atlantic coast of Africa: Conservation and Management Plan for Marine Turtles of the Atlantic coast of Africa comprend:

Objectif 6- Favoriser la mise en œuvre du Mémorandum d'Abidjan et de son Plan de conservation et de gestion

6.3.9) Favoriser l'inclusion des coûts liés à la conservation et à la recherche sur les tortues marines dans les budgets nationaux des Etats signataires.

►    The Siberian Crane MOU Action Plan for Western/Central Asia Site Network includes:

Theme 6 - Enhance national and international cooperation and information exchange:

Objective 5 - Raise funds to support a comprehensive conservation programme supporting MOU implementation:

6.5.1) Identify existing projects and programmes that are or could support the WCASN sites.

6.5.2) Secure support from national or regional governments for finance (co-finance) support priority activities.

6.5.3) Submit grant applications to support:

6.5.3a) Hunting strategy (Part GEF, To Be Determined (TBD)).

6.5.3b) Monitoring of cranes and other waterbirds at WCASN sites (TBD).

6.5.3c) Research on relationship between waterbirds distribution, habitat condition and climate change (GEF).

6.5.3d) Support “Flight of Hope” Project (TBD).

6.5.3e) Review water management needs to sustain wetlands and local communities (GEF).

6.5.3f) Regional and national training workshops held on wetland protected area management and monitoring, business planning, climate change adaptation, water management and community participation for network site management (GEF).

6.5.3g) CEPA activities including:

6.5.3g.i) organising mass education and public awareness events (TBD).

6.5.3g.ii) young scholars program (GEF).

►    The Ascobans Report 1: Migratory Species, Marine Debris and its Management includes:

Theme 6 - Recommendations:

Objective 4 - Funding:

6.4.2) Encourages the exploration of resourcing opportunities for research, citing the GEF, the World Bank’s ‘Global Partnership for Oceans’, regional research funding programs such as the EU’s Framework Programme for Research, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Institute of Marine Research and volunteer monitoring programmes.