Target 13: Priorities for effective conservation and management of migratory species, their habitats and migration systems have been included in the development and implementation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans, with reference where relevant to CMS agreements and action plans and their implementation bodies.


Relevant questions in the existing CMS National Report format


3. Listing of migratory species in Appendix II:

IV. National and Regional Priorities:

2. Are migratory species and their habitats addressed by your country's national biodiversity strategy or action plan? If yes, please indicate and briefly describe the extent to which it addresses the following issues:

- Minimizing or eliminating barriers or obstacles to migration [Also relevant to Target 7].

- Transboundary co-operation [Also relevant to Target 9].

- Conservation, sustainable use and/or restoration of the habitats of migratory species, including protected areas [Also relevant to Target 10].

- Conservation, sustainable use and/or restoration of migratory species [Also relevant to Target 8].

- Research and monitoring of migratory species [Also relevant to Target 15].

- Actions to prevent, reduce or control factors that are endangering or are likely to further endanger migratory species (e.g. alien invasive species or by-catch) [Also relevant to Target 7].


[Add possible other progress review processes relevant to this target within CMS and CMS instruments]