Target 12: The genetic diversity of wild populations of migratory species is safeguarded, and strategies have been developed and implemented for minimizing genetic erosion.


 ►  The CMS COP Resolution 11.28 on Future CMS Activities related to Invasive Alien Species includes:

6. Instructs the Secretariat to encourage Parties and non-Parties: (i) to ensure at national level, effective collaboration in relation to issues concerning IAS among national authorities and focal points that deal with the CBD, the CITES, Ramsar Convention, the Bern Convention, IMO, IPPC, OIE and other organizations as appropriate (ii) to address threats from IAS and (iii) as appropriate, to make full use of existing guidelines in addressing the risks associated with the introduction of alien species;

7. Further instructs the Secretariat to identify potential strategic partners and engage with them when developing information campaigns and other outreach activities and encourages all relevant stakeholders to contribute to these initiatives;

10. Noting the need for closer collaboration with other MEAs to harmonize efforts to further address the issue of IAS, including by developing guidance, analysing the risks associated with the introduction of alien species that are a potential threat to biodiversity, and taking note that the risks associated with the introduction of alien species may include impacts on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity at the ecosystem, species and gene levels, in order to support measures to prevent the introduction and spread of the most harmful species;