Target 11: Migratory species and their habitats which provide important ecosystem services are maintained at or restored to favourable conservation status, taking into account the needs of women, indigenous and local communities, and the poor and vulnerable.


►    The Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks; Conservation Plan includes:

Objective 12 - Awareness raising:

12.1) Increase knowledge of the ecosystem services provided by sharks and knowledge about sharks in their marine environment.

Objective 13 - Stakeholder participation:

13.1) Encourage the participation of the following stakeholders in the implementation of this Conservation Plan:

· Government institutions;

· Non-governmental organizations;

· Indigenous and local communities;

· Commercial and recreational fishing communities;

· The private sector;

· Scientists;

· Academia; and

· The general public.

►    The CMS COP Resolution 12.07 (Manila 2017) on the Role of Ecological Networks in the Conservation of Migratory Species, includes:

13. Invites Non-Parties to collaborate closely with Parties in the management of transboundary populations of CMS-listed species, including by joining CMS and its associated instruments, to support the development and implementation of ecological networks globally;