Target 10: All critical habitats and sites for migratory species are identified and included in area-based conservation measures so as to maintain their quality, integrity, resilience and functioning in accordance with the implementation of Aichi Target 11, supported where necessary by environmentally sensitive land-use planning and landscape management on a wider scale.


See separate Indicator Factsheets document.


►    The Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks: Conservation Plan includes:

Objective 1 - Improving understanding of migratory shark populations through research, monitoring and information exchange:

1.3) Compile relevant data, improve ecological knowledge and conduct baseline studies on…essential shark habitats; shark distributional range…[and] the seasonal and spatial migration patterns and routes of sharks.

►    The CMS Resolution 11.25 Advancing Ecological Networks to address the needs of Migratory Species includes:

16) Also urges Parties to monitor adequately ecological networks to allow early detection of any deterioration in quality of sites, rapid identification of threats and timely action to maintain network integrity, making use where appropriate of existing monitoring methods, such as the IBA Monitoring Framework developed by BirdLife International and the International Waterbird Census coordinated by Wetlands International.

►    The Memorandum of Understanding for the conservation of cetaceans and their habitats in the Pacific Islands Region: Whale And Dolphin Action Plan 2013-2017 includes:

Theme 4 - Ecosystem and Habitat Protection:


• Additional SPREP members formally designate/establish national EEZ-wide sanctuaries and other marine protected areas that protect cetaceans.

• Management Plans and strategies for all established sanctuaries/MPAs/Marine Parks developed and implemented.

• Local and national MPAs etc linked properly in terms of management and implementation.

• Critical habitat and migratory pathways are identified, mapped and protected.

►    The Memorandum of Understanding concerning the conservation of the Manatee and small cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia - Action Plan for the conservation of small cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia includes:

Objective 3 – Ecosystem and Habitat Protection:


• Range States designate national and transboundary small cetacean MPAs.

• Management strategies and plans developed, finalised and implemented for existing MPAs.

• Working group identifies potential areas for designation and management as specially protected areas.