Target 10: All critical habitats and sites for migratory species are identified and included in area-based conservation measures so as to maintain their quality, integrity, resilience and functioning in accordance with the implementation of Aichi Target 11, supported where necessary by environmentally sensitive land-use planning and landscape management on a wider scale.


►    The  CMS COP Resolution 12.07 (Manila 2017) on the Role of Ecological Networks in the Conservation of Migratory Species, includes:

 24. Requests Parties and invites all other Range States, partner organizations, relevant funding agencies and the private sector to provide adequate, predictable and timely financial resources and in-kind support to assist in implementing the recommendations within this Resolution, including those in the Annex;

25. Encourages Parties to provide financial resources and in-kind support to underpin and strengthen existing ecological network initiatives within the CMS Family of instruments, including the Western/Central Asian Site Network for the Siberian Crane and other Migratory Waterbirds, the Critical Site Network of the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement, the newly launched CMS/IOSEA Network of Sites of Importance for Marine Turtles and the East Asian – Australasian Flyway Site Network;


►    The Programme of Work on Migratory Birds and Flyways (2014-2023), attached as Annex I to Resolution 12.11 includes:

Theme F. Resourcing implementation of the POW

►    The Action Plan for the Americas Flyways 2018-2023 attached to Resolution 12.11 as Annex 3, includes:


3.1. Strengthen monitoring of migratory bird populations

3.1.1. Research & Monitoring


►    The Action Plan for the Americas Flyways 2018-2023 attached to Resolution 12.11 as Annex 3, includes:


6.1. Ensure resources are identified to implement the actions identified in this plan

6.1.1. Parties, non-Parties and key stakeholders, with support of national and international NGOs, should allocate resources to implement the Action Plan following the timeline for each action and strengthen relationships with international donors (e.g., GEF).