Target 10: All critical habitats and sites for migratory species are identified and included in area-based conservation measures so as to maintain their quality, integrity, resilience and functioning in accordance with the implementation of Aichi Target 11, supported where necessary by environmentally sensitive land-use planning and landscape management on a wider scale.


►    The  CMS COP Resolution 12.25 (Manila 2017) on Promoting Conservation of Critical Intertidal and Other Coastal Habitats for Migratory Species includes: 

Public awareness

14. Strongly encourages the development of programmes and initiatives including, for example, festivals associated with the arrival of migratory species, eco-tourism initiatives including those linked to gastronomic appreciation of sustainable seafood, and encouragement of responsible public access to tidal flats that communicate the importance of intertidal wetlands and associated habitats to the public, policy-makers and other stakeholders (including relevant sectors of the business community), and urges the sharing of such experience, for example through any Coastal Forum established under paragraph 2 above;

15. Requests the Secretariat to consider the issues contained in this Resolution as a theme for a future World Migratory Bird Day and other awareness raising linked-activities and initiatives, including World Fish Migration Day.


►    The Programme of Work on Migratory Birds and Flyways (2014-2023), attached as Annex I to Resolution 12.11 includes:

Theme D. - Awareness raising

Objectives 1. Raise awareness and support for conservation of migratory birds and their habitats globally


►    The Action Plan for the Americas Flyways 2018-2023 attached to Resolution 12.11 as Annex 3, includes:


4.1. Improve public awareness and understanding of migratory birds

 4.1.1. Development and coordination of a Communications Strategy Organize a regional workshop to prepare the Communications Strategy, including assessing the current situation (SWOT analysis), and to define objectives, key communication methods and goals for the next intersessional period. [S/1]

4.1.2. Coordination and implementation I Implement actions at regional, national and local scales, to raise awareness of migratory birds and critical habitats (e.g., mangroves, grasslands), taking advantage of international events such as the International Migratory Bird Day, World Wildlife Day and others.

 4.1.3. Information to the public Enhance dissemination of existing case studies on mechanisms to enhance the conservation of migratory birds, e.g. site networks through various channels (e.g. CBD Clearing House Mechanism,