Target 1: People are aware of the multiple values of migratory species and their habitats and migration systems, and the steps they can take to conserve them and ensure the sustainability of any use.


►    The CMS – CITES Joint Work Programme 2015-2020 includes:

Objective 4 - Outreach and capacity building activities:

4.1) Investigate possibilities for coordinated outreach and joint capacity-building activities.

►    The Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Dugongs (Dugon dugong) and their Habitats throughout their Range (Dugong MoU) and the Memorandum of Understanding for the conservation of cetaceans and their habitats in the Pacific Islands Region: Whale and Dolphin Action Plan 2013 - 2017.


Both Action Plans have been adopted by both the MoU Signatories and the members of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).  Implementation is expected to be carried out by the CMS and SPREP Secretariats and by their Signatories/Members.