The SPMS defines expected long-term and high-level outcomes in a way that allows the assessment of progress and results.

A central part of the monitoring & evaluation regime for the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species is a suite of headline indicators, used to track progress towards the achievement of the goals and targets. (TO BE COMPLETED – SEE FOOTNOTE 1) Furthermore other monitoring and evaluation tools are included in relevant provisions throughout the CMS Family including indicators and sub-targets developed and adopted under other CMS Family instruments.

Under this functional heading the Companion Volume will cover the relevant elements as available throughout the CMS family regarding monitoring and evaluation of progress towards the implementation of the SPMS.

1 Note: In adopting the SPMS, CMS COP11 gave mandate for the development of such indicators. Indicators are being developed for each SPMS target, and once finalized and adopted are expected to be integrated in the Companion volume under this functional heading.

Target 5

See separate Indicator Factsheets document

Target 11

Section to be completed soon, for now, see the Indicator Factsheets

Target 12 

No relevant provisions identified in CMS family tools in relation to this target