Saiga Antelope Overview


     Class:                                               Mammalia

     Order:                                               Artiodactyl

     Family:                                             Bovidae

     Genus/Species:                              Saiga tatarica

     CMS Listing:                                    Appendix II

     IUCN Conservation Status:          Critically Endangered













Listed as a Critically Endangered Amazing Species on the IUCN Red List 50, the saiga antelope will soon be extinct in the wild without continued, sustained intervention from passionate conservationists. A creature of Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, the saiga antelope has been categorized by the WWF as one of the most economically, ecologically and/or culturally important species currently existing on the planet. This page is intended to serve as a scientifically verified, up-to-date overview for anyone looking to learn more about the current plight of this wondrous species [This section is a placeholder. The idea is to give a brief overview of species but more importantly, sell the intrinsic value of the species by highlighting endearing traits, associating it as a symbol of its Range States etc (this may have a less professional tone though - depends on what direction you want the page to go in)].


Saiga Population Distribution