2014/013: Release of an Assessment of the CMS MOUs and their Viability

The UNEP/CMS Secretariat is pleased to provide Parties an opportunity to comment on the document “An Assessment of the CMS MOUs and their Viability”.

CMS Resolution 10.9, Annex 1, activity 5, called for a global gap and resource assessment (5.1), including a resource assessment of the Convention (5.2) and an assessment of the MOUs and their viability (5.3). These were anticipated to be delivered to COP11 in November, 2014.  

It was agreed in Resolution 10.1 (Annex 2) that these activities would be funded through voluntary contributions. The CMS Secretariat approached Parties for voluntary contributions to conduct the assessment. As these funds were not available, the Secretariat has prepared an assessment, which is attached.  Components 5.1 and 5.2 will be circulated separately. 

I have the pleasure to invite you to provide comments on this document by Friday 13 June, 2014.

All comments should be addressed to  cms@cms.int. Comments received will be shared with Parties to provide transparency. 



Last updated on 07 August 2015